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elit® Ultra Luxury Vodka

Achieved through an obsession with accuracy and a unique freeze filtration, elit® Ultra Luxury Vodka is the ultimate expression of vodka luxury.

All Stolichnaya® vodkas are crafted using Alpha Spirit, the highest grade of spirit recognised by the Russian authorities. elit® Ultra Luxury Vodka is set apart from all other vodkas, not only through the use of Alpha Spirit exclusively, but also our unique freeze-out filtration process – the final stage in its crafting. Inspired by the old Russian tradition of leaving casks outside in plummeting winter conditions, we chill the liquid to exactly -18˚C; at this temperature the liquid densifies and moves through ion-charged carbon filters at an extremely slowed velocity. This ensures the finest impurities are captured and removed, leaving an exquisitely pure liquid charged with character.

After the rigor comes rest. Our liquid is given time and space to return to ambient temperature. Unhurried, it acquires the hallmarks of molecular perfection: flawless clarity and density.

From its visible luminosity in the glass to its weighty, rolling mouth-feel, elit® Ultra Luxury Vodka exerts a presence unlike any other vodka. Consistently commended as the highest rated vodka in the world* elit® Ultra Luxury Vodka elevates the vodka experience. For those who know better, elit® Ultra Luxury Vodka is vodka pleasure at its most precise.

*97/100 Beverage Testing Institute


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Volumes: 1 L 0.7 L Alcohol content 40%
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